The tired warmth of coming home

Just returned tired but elated to London after an epic few days have taken in singing in Stroud, County Sligo in Ireland – see the photo of the wreck i passed – and finally playing in Scotland for the first time at the Electric Circus with Jane Blue & The Hunters (see photo) and Gwennie & The Old Accord – a really wonderful night full of music, thick accents, discussion on the relationship between art and science (check out the great work they do at www.ascus.org.uk), late night drinking, early morning rising and finally a long train ride transecting a great swathe of this beautiful, paradoxical country. Next monday is the final sequencing session for the album after which i promise it will be done forever and I will soon be able to announce dates for the October and November tour i’m doing round the UK and Europe. I’m getting super excited about playing in Glastonbury next week and trying to find time to dust off my organ chops to play at my sisters wedding in two weeks – i’m going to sleep with a smile on my face. x