The end of the tour and the future!

So the ‘Any Path Will Do’ tour is over. In truth, it finished two weeks ago but its taken me a little while to believe that is over so i waited before i could write a post about it. It was a wonderful, music and life affirming set of shows that made me feel that the new solo direction was the right decision. I did the whole tour with my really good friend Will Tattersdill aka FaceOmeter and he has much more fully described the whole tour with a post on his website, you can read the day by day tour diary here  but suffice it to say, we had a great time. Will sums it up better than i could:

 Seven shows down, a few quid up. Village halls, houses, scout huts, pubs, cafés, venues. Drizzle and fog and bright bright sun; trains and buses and cars. Sofas, futons, floors and even beds – PAs or no, old friends and new. Any path will do.

Since i’ve been back i’ve been busily preparing for the launch of the Ballina Whalers EP and looking at different studios to start recording these new songs in. The next show is next wednesday 5 December at Old St Pancreas Church supporting the great Brooke Sharkey. Hope you can make it. big love J x