So, where are we then?

Ok, so things have been taking a lot longer than expected. That’s alright. I’ve given up worrying now, its going to take the time it takes right? I went to the lovely Woodshed studio in Bristol a few weeks ago, and working with Max Jones who’s helping me not go mad while i record, we got a lot of good stuff done – massive thanks to Ben Capp who engineered the session and in general is just an all round good guy to put up with my stressful ways – and I think at least two tunes from that session will make it on album.

But looking for a slightly different thing, i’ve packed up again and am heading to SAE in Oxford to work with studio megaman Dean McArthy this weekend for what i hope will be the final session. Max will join me again and i have take this opportunity to say how important he’s been in helping me do all this. He really is a legend. My practice has been going really well these last few days – the main thing i think has been just learning to not totally stress myself out and become excessively negative as soon as things don’t go well, which always happens. Recording is hard! These songs are hard to play and sing! I don’t want to overdub so inevitably i make mistakes, i’m still having trouble with my voice, but i feel confident at the moment and can’t wait to get in the studio.

In meantime, I had a great gig at the Woodburner ‘Capsize the Stars’ festival last sunday and am really excited to playing at the Word Is Born on the 15 November at The Others in Stoke Newington and then gearing up for big gig at the beautiful Wilton’s Music Hall on the 10 December supporting Teotima for the album launch.

Lastly, I did photo shoot with Ollie Hammick to try and capture the beard which due to the lack of a finished album, is still very much growing. Here is one below.

thanks for you patience and continued support,

big love

Jamie x

Magic Lantern September 2013