Remakes Preview no.8 – ‘Different Paths’ by Rozi Plain

Today’s Remakes preview is ‘Different Paths’ remade by the throughly awesome Rozi Plain at home in London, she sampled the drums from ‘Monopolise Me’ by the Ogyatanaa Show Band:

You know when you meet someone and you just have that feeling that you’re going to be pals? It’s like we all have this inner wave-length detector that spends most of its time jumping all over the place as we navigate the trials and tribulations of our ever-moving lives, but that sometimes, in the midst of the crowd, zeros in on someone who sees the glass as full, as oddly shaped and as full of life as you do.

I knew of Rozi before we met. We both lived in Bristol and she would make cool little videos and play ace DIY shows around the city just as I was starting to get it all together. It wasn’t until I moved to London a few years later through Kate of This Is The Kit (Kate and Rozi are OLD pals and Rozi plays bass for TITK – see my earlier posts about musical communities/families..) that we met. That wave-length detector calmed all of a sudden and I had that sense that we were going to get on famously, and to my great joy, so it has proved.

Rozi’s music is all about the sound. A lot of musicians spend there lives searching for their own and never find it, but what Rozi has is very special – and you can recognise it from the first bar. Her songs are hard to catagorise – elliptical, unusual, always grooving and a with lightness of touch that nestles a song in your brain – that at first you just really dig it’s feel, but as it keeps running around your head, impossible to ignore, slowly unwinds present something you didn’t expect, an odd lyric that just captures something, a change your didn’t notice at first, until you realise what a strange and wonderful creature this song is. It is a rare gift to make something so light to pick up but so strong to hold.

In talking so much about pals and friendship, it makes sense that Rozi should choose ‘Different Paths’ to remake and in her hands it becomes something i could never have imagined – and you can even dance in your kitchen to it!

You can check out Rozi’s great new album ‘Friend’ out on Lost Map records and see all the great things she’s up to at her website www.roziplain.co.uk