Remakes Preview no.7 – ’29 Years Old’ by FaceOmeter

Today’s Remakes Preview no.7  is ’28 Year’s Old’ which has become ’29 Year’s Old’ by one of my oldest friends, FaceOmeter. He recorded a little introduction to it here:

You can hear his wonderful version here:

When describing the ‘Remakes’ project to people, I’ve spoken a lot about the musical community I am lucky enough to be a part of, how it has supported and sustained me, and how when it matters most – in the perceived face of the worlds indifference – it has picked me up, dusted me down and sent me right back out there. Right there in the middle, in the nucleus’s nucleus (i’m being artistic science fans, no letters please) is Will Tattersdill aka FaceOmeter – one of my oldest musical pals.

A song-writer of 2 excellent albums, numerous EPs and collaborations, as well as supremely talented lecture in English at Birmingham University, FaceOmeter is a man capable of extraordinary linguistic feats and bottomless kindness. The most talented wordsmith I know, his songs manage to pierce the skin of a situation with a light-footed humour that belies the emotional weight underneath. We started writing songs together at school and have been constant musical companions ever since, travelling up and down the country and championing each others music wherever we can. As an acapella song ’28 Years Old’ is both the sparsest as well as one of the most obviously personal songs on ‘Love Of Too Much Living’ and so it felt right somehow that Will should take it and make it his own – his version is called ’29 Years Old’.

I am delighted to say that I will be joining FaceOmeter tomorrow night, 7 December, for the launch of a new live music night he is running in Birmingham called ‘Hatstand’ at the Kitchen Garden Cafe.

FaceOmeter’s new album ‘Why Wait For Failure’ is out now and available at his website, along with his amazing blog and video updates www.faceometer.tk