Remakes Preview No.6 – ‘Stitches’ by This Is The Kit

Today’s Remakes Preview is ‘Stitches’ remade by one of my very, very favourite musicians, This Is The Kit at home in Paris.

Kate Stables is one of my favourite people. Forget about being one of my all time favourite song-writers and singers, that’s so much a given, but one of the very best people. Her songs, which she plays and writes under the name This Is The Kit together with the amazing Jesse Vernon and band, have been an intimately important part of my life since I first heard them at the Slaughtered Lamb in Farringdon about 8 years ago. We were on the same bill and when Kate started singing, cosmic pieces of the great puzzle starting falling into place. Her first album, Krulle Bol has been a constant companion ever since. When releasing their second album, Wriggle Out The Restless, Kate asked me if I wanted to do a cover of one of the tracks for a little covers record. Together with Son et Lumiere and an old typewriter, I remade ‘Spinney’ which you listen to hear, but I thought it was a wonderful idea and it stayed in the back of my mind until I was about to release Love of Too Much Living when it came to me that if would be a wonderful idea to try and do something similar. So, in many ways, the Remakes project, owes a lot to Kate’s idea. But more than that, it means so much to me that Kate and Jesse are involved in this and their version of ‘Stitches’ is fascinating for being so different to the original but so amazing in its own right. As a songwriter, and an independent musican, Kate, Jesse and everthing and everyone that is This Is The Kit, has been a huge inspiration, and themselves, great friends over the years. – Don’t let the fire go out, let it burn. x 

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