Remakes Preview No.5 – ‘Stiches’ remade by Sam Brookes

Today’s Remakes Preview is ‘Stitches’ remade by the honeyed voice of Sam Brookes,recorded
by Phil Wood at his studio in Barnes.

I’m not a religious person so I don’t believe that people can be ‘blessed’ but if you take the meaning in a secular sense, then Sam has been blessed with one of the most incredible voices you will hear. I have been very lucky to have sung a lot with Sam over the last 4-5 years as part of the sea shanty, harmony trio, The Ballina Whalers. Its a curious and personal process learning to blend with someone else’s voice and partly through that, together with many long days and nights spent touring and playing and the fact he is as lovely as he is talented, means that it is I who feels blessed that he agreed to be apart of the Remakes project. As anyone who has heard me perform ‘Stitches’ live will know, it is a song that I had to write and need to play, but one day I will be able to stop playing it and that will be an important thing. Sam’s version gives it a different life, a more muscular different feel somehow and a power all his own.

To check out Sam’s own music, his most recent album Kairos is out now, go to his website here: