Remakes Preview No.3 – ‘No One’s Fault’ remade by Zac Gvi

Today’s ‘Remakes’ preview is the fantastic Zac Gvi’s instrumental interpretation of the ‘No One’s Fault’ recorded by Zac at Wellgarth Studios in London.

I first Zac in Italy. It was a very hot summer and we bought litres of cheap wine and went busking at night in the squares of Puglia. It was a pretty magical time until one night, in front of about 200 curious italians, I smashed my front teeth on the hard cobble stones, the product of a flip gone wrong. As I sat on the floor, tongue chasing my mouths new contours, Zac was on his knees looking for the bits of tooth. Like a true champ, he found them and together with the rest of our troupe we stayed for another few days, before heading our separate ways. A few weeks later, back home, I had a dream that I was dying in the back of ambulance. I distinctly remember feeling very relaxed, in true hollywood style, started heading towards some kind of light until i heard a voice calling me name. It took me a while to realise it was Zac’s. But i followed it, and then after a short while, i saw his face, very calm and talking me back. Thats all I remember, but I when I woke up I had a strong feeling that Zac would become an important force in my life – and so, to my very great fortune, it has proved.

Zac is a force of nature. A true multi-instrumentalist, composer and polymath, his musical interests are fearless and determined and he is a constant inspiration. I’m delighted he will be joining me for the Remakes Launch on the 10th December. You can find out more about the many projects he is involved in and what he’s up to here: