Remakes Preview 2. ‘No One’s Fault’ remade by Hot Feet

Today’s ‘Remakes’ preview is the fantastic Hot Feet’s interpretation of the ‘No One’s Fault’ recorded by the band themselves in Rob’s Garage, Woodchester, Stroud.

Photo by Martha Webb

Not just a truly amazing band but some of the best people you can imagine, we’ve shared tour vans, stages, sheds, houses, tents, jams and long nights at the Albert. Based in Stroud, they have a unique sound centred around Marianne Parish’s incredible voice which emerges from an almost impossibly telepathic dream team rhythm section of Jack Page on guitar, Rob Pemberton on drums and piano and Lachlan McLellan on bass. Over the course of two EPs they have weaved a woozy, mesmerising sound (something akin to a trance) that can suddenly explode into colour when you least expect it. They are currently recording their debut album which is very, very high up the list of things i am excited about for next year!

I’m over the moon that Hot Feet and I will be playing together in Stroud at the SVA Goods Shed on the 9th December before journeying back to London together to play at the London launch on the 10th December at Kansas Smitty’s Bar.

Find out more about Hot Feet at www.hotfeetmusic.com