Remakes Preview 1. ‘Harvest Moon’ Emilia Martensson remake

In anticipation of the release of ‘Love of Too Much Living – Remakes’, I’m going to be previewing a ‘remake’ a day from today until the release on 7 December.

So it gives me huge pleasure to share the first ‘remake’ – Emilia Martensson’s beautiful interpretation of ‘Harvest Moon’. It was the first to be ‘remade’ and helped give me the idea to make the rest of the record.

The world had just turned upside down and I suddenly back staying on my parents floor. I’d just written this this song a few nights before, when Emilia came over. As soon as I’d played it, she stopped, told me to play it again and then asked if she could sing it on her new album, which she was just about to record. No one had ever asked to cover a song of mine, let alone a singer as wonderful as Emilia so when I heard the first mix of her version, I had no idea what to expect. By the end of track, I was in tears, both because it was the first time I’d really heard the song – been able to understand it, rather than just perform it, and because of what they had made out of it.

Emilia remade ‘Harvest Moon’ at the ‘Fish Factory’ in London with Barry Green on piano, Adriano Adewale on percussion and Sam Lasserson on bass. String arrangement by Rory Simmons. It appeared first on the Emilia’s album ‘Ana’ released on the Babel label, 2014.

I’m very happy to say that Emilia will be joining me at the London launch of the record on the 10 December at ‘The Shed’ at Kansas Smitty’s. Tickets available here.


‘Love of Too Much Too Much Living – Remakes’ is out on 7 December and available to pre-order here – all proceeds go the to Campaign Against Living Miserable (CALM).