When I was a toddler I was riding my balance bike along the veranda of our house in Australia and fell off the edge and onto the exposed metal handle bar. I cut most of the muscle holding my left eye in place and nearly became a pirate. It’s one of my earliest memories and left my Dad’s Ford Falcon with a stain he never did get out and me with an asymmetric gaze that I see every time I look in the mirror.

When this photo was developing in front of me, and I saw the eyes, I thought about that memory as a kid, about the Ford Falcon (which always smelt of petrol from a leak we never found) and my Dad driving me like a lunatic to the hospital.

Amongst other things, this new album is about memory and my relationship to it – particularly to Australia – about its fleetingness and what happens when you start to lose it.

I have some announcements coming up this week – I’m really looking forward to starting to share some of this new music – and stories – with you.

Thanks for all your support – I won’t forget it.

Jamie x

Photo by Kasia Wozniak

P.s. Here is a playlist I made to look at clouds to, I like to do that when I’m thinking. https://open.spotify.com/…/…/playlist/4mi84EpI4kjb4ipg3nGW8l