Lockdown House Concert Series

Dear Pals,

What unusual times we are living in. I hope wherever this finds you, you are as well as you can be under the present circumstances. 

I’m under no illusions about music’s place in the hierarchy of needs right now, but I do think it can help. So in that spirit I decided to put on a series of five live streamed solo concerts on Sunday evenings at 8.30pm UK time on the platform Twitch. The third concert is this Sunday 24th May and will focus on new songs I’ve been writing at the piano for my fourth album ‘The Reckoning Bell’ which I hope to record on the other side of all this. 

This series has given me great focus. It has been a gift to know there is an audience at the end of the week to perform for and to be the best I can for. The first two were quite special. We went deep and it got emotional. It made me realise more than ever how much I love doing this and how grateful I am to know that what I do is useful and can help in some small way. If you missed them you can watch both concerts in full below:

Tune in for the third concert in the series if you can on Twitch at twitch.tv/jamiefdoe 8.30pm UK time Sunday 24th May. 

Take care and wishing you every strength to brook whatever challenges you might be facing,

Big love

Jamie x