EP Lyrics no.4 – Gentle Face

Over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing the lyrics from this new EP and today it’s my new single ‘Gentle Face’, which is out next Friday 8 Nov.

I had the first seed of this song some years ago and it kept bouncing around my head, I had the first two verses and that was it. But I then forgot about it until I found myself singing it a lot in quiet moments over the last year as the general anxiety and collective loss of confidence of our present moment – our politics, the climate crisis and the state of the world – has grown. So I finished it. 

I realised perhaps that I wanted someone to just tell me it was going to be alright, that somehow if we could just go to sleep perhaps things would be better when we woke up- both an understandable and entirely naive response to the situation. 

Looking forward to being able to share ‘Gentle Face’ with you next Friday 8th Nov!

J x

Gentle face
How I need you when I make mistakes
You put things in their rightful place
So we can go to sleep

And i’ll put the mountains back together at your feet
Piece by piece up until to the snowy peaks
While all the world sweats concrete

Tender one
I had a dream where all I did was run
And they knew what I had done
Please help me go to sleep

I pulled the plug and let the oceans drain away
We can cross them again some rainy day
But all our hopes our hearts betray

We might as well
We might as well
Start over again

Silver tongue
Whisper words from all the songs we’ve sung
You know what we could become
So sing me back to sleep

And we’ve swapped the sky for a glowing tiny screen
Head down walking, trapped in the machine babe
So say farewell to the Holocene

We might as well
We might as well
Start over again