EP Lyrics no. 3 – ‘From My Window’

What. The. Hell. This fringe is a crime. Urgh.

So I’ve been spending time going back through old photos, remembering how much has been misremembered but also how life seems to stretch or flatten like a concertina. Sometimes impossibly long, and sometimes bunched right up flat to the moment.

I’ve been sharing lyrics from this new EP ‘The Life That I Have’ which is out 31 Jan, and today I thought I’d share the lyrics for ‘From My Window’. I wrote this sometime ago after a friend passed away and it’s a song that’s never left me. My friend Emily Wright recorded a beautiful version it with her band Moonlight Saving Time and this EP felt like a good time to record my own version. It was time.

From My Window

From my window
I see you
But you don’t see me

A hundred stories
With no one in them
But me, and the enemy, and you

Your guardian angel’s sleeping
While you’re up here weeping

And it’s overcast
With youth and beauty

You’re cold and shaking
You lonely creature
You’ve cleared the ledge deep with snow

The pulse quickens
The tears are dried now
A crowd has gathered below

And mothers baby’s falling
Through arms outstretched and calling

That it’s not the ending
There are just more stories