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A Journey Begun – To The Islands

Time is fickle thing, at turns hot and angry and at others suddenly languid and longing – a burning silver thread that plays in the wind. For my part, I have a condition that paradoxically causes me to both long to speed time up and ache to slow it down.

I am making an album now. I can feel it. I want to be done already, to be sitting excitedly in the glow of it, and yet the journey has only really just begun. I will promise nothing about when it will be done this time, I’m in it for the long haul and it will be done when it’s ready. Already, many people have helped equip me for set out on the road this time and there will be more companions to share the horizon than on the last one, and that fills me with joy at the fun we’ll have and difficulties we’ll overcome together.

But I just wanted to tell you all, that in spirit, I’ve started and I’ll send you postcards to mark the way – To The Islands. x

A World In A Grain of Sand – Full Album

[soundcloud id=’715216′ format=’set’]

A few reviews of the album:

“Bitter sweet, beautiful music”
– Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3 Late Junction

“A classic album, I love it!”
– Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“Outstanding acoustic songwriting”
– Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music

‎”9/10 – Something quite special, The Magic Lantern have produced a remarkable, enchanting and genuinely affecting album that’s sure to bring them the attention they deserve”
– Planetnotion.com