Back to Abbey Road…

It was really great to record at Abbey Road Studio 2 today collaborating with the marvelous men of the Chaps Choir. We sung a little arrangement I made of a song ‘Air At The Top’ from my second album ‘Love of Too Much Living’. Something about everything that’s going on right now and how I’m feeling made me reconnect with this tune and it was a real tonic to play it again with the massed voices of the Chaps.

I’m proud to be part of the Music Venue Trust’s #fightbackthestudiosessions Campaign and can’t wait to show you the proper video. Big love to York St John University and Karousel Music for asking me to be involved.

This Morning

This morning I got up and went to work out in the park for the first time since Tuesday 30th October – two days before the album launch after which I’ve been solely focused on not getting ill to the detriment of the wash-board abs. It was hard. I was hungover and out of shape and I ended up on my knees vomiting into a pile of leaves while a class of school kids pointed and laughed – it wasn’t edifying but it was strangely life affirming.

The tour finished on Wednesday night in Oxford where with all the love in the world and a huge amount of effort from Nikò Brian and Hannah Jakes, we gave it everything we had left. It felt important, not only because what Niko, Hannah and their Upcycled Sounds crew are doing is everything that making and playing music should be about, but because stood up there, surrounded by Zac, Chris and Dave, looking out at the crowd, I felt a hugely emotional sense of pride that we’d made it. That three and a half years of work and a lot of living, with all that that entails, both hard and beautiful, should have reached its conclusion for now.

To bring this record and this music to audiences around the country has been a wonderful experience. As well as the essential and nourishing sight of old friends, for the first time the crowds have been full of people I don’t know. This has been the real revelation of the tour – to meet and connect with so many different people, from all walks of life who have found something of and for themselves in this music that began life in Frank’s front room, Fred’s kitchen and a thousand snatched moments.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this tour such a joy, in particular the promoters who over the years have become friends and who’s constant dedication to creating spaces for this music is such an essential part of the whole endeavour. They take none of the glory but put in an awful lot of the hard yakka – so huge love to Simon at The Others, Cafe Kino, Charlotte Lotte Lyster, Jack Anthony Powis Page, James and David at The Lighthouse, Katie Robson and Ben See at La La La Records, the crew at SET, Nikò, Hannah and Maiya at Upcycled Sounds, Phil Di Palma, Andy Backhouse and Andy and the whole family in Brum.

Across the whole tour I’ve been joined by 16 different musicians at various points, all of whom have brought their unique skills and sensitivity to my songs. You are the very best there is and I couldn’t have done it without you! Huge love to Zac Gvi, Chris Hyson, Dave Hamblett, Will Harris, Harry Christelis, Phillip, Richard, Sergio and Anna of the Phaedra ensemble, Matt Anderson, Dave Shulman, Dee Byrne, Matt Robinson, Rosie Caldecott, Ewan Bleach and Fred Thomas.

I’ve been lucky enough to have the evergreen support of the brilliant Tom Robinson Music at BBC Radio 6 Music for whom we played live in session last Saturday and which you listen again here:
And the incredible support of Jamie Cullum, Guy Garvey, Huw Stephens, Gideon Coe, Lauren Laverne, Mary Anne Hobbs, Robert Rotifer, Andy Backhouse among others. Thank you! x

Finally, to Chris Sheehan and Rhia Parker for believing in me at those points when I stopped believing in myself.

I couldn’t tell you what next year holds, it is presently one enormous blank canvas with the faint outline of some big ideas, propped on a lot of debt that needs to be repaid. Right now, I’m tired, deep in my bones, but I feel acutely alive, lucky and thankful.

If not now, when?

All love

Jamie x

You can get a copy of ‘To The Islands’ here or stream it to your hearts content. ❤️

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Live Session on BBC 6 Music!

Last night’s live session with Tom Robinson Music was brilliant and intense in equal measure. It was such a blast to be able to play this music live with such an amazing group of musicians – Chris, Dave, Zac, Matt, Dee, Matt, you all covered yourselves in glory last night – and it was a thrill to finally meet Tom who has been supporting my music with BBC Music Introducing since the very beginning.

I didn’t expect that the inteview would get so personal about depression but in that moment I realised that there was nothing to hide, that if getting this platform to play my music means anything at all, it means using my voice in the service of something bigger than me. There was a lot of love in the studio and was good to talk about the The CALMzone, which both Tom and I big supporters of, and to say out loud that it’s really important we don’t take each other for granted. Don’t assume your pals know you’re there from them, tell them. Don’t wait for them to call, pick up the phone. More love. x

You can listen again to the show here, session starts at 35mins in.

Big love and let’s look after each other!

J x

‘To The Islands’ – Out today!

‘To The Islands’ is officially released today. It’s been a journey but I’m so proud to finally be able to share it with you. x

Tour Poster


Very excited to be nearly ready to release this album and take it to the people next week!

All tickets from:

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To The Islands – Album Inspirations!

Energy cannot be created destroyed, just changed from one form to another. So here are 10 tracks and artists that inspired me during the writing, making and arranging of this new record – To The Islands, out on 2 November. May they inspire you too! x

‘Darling Day’ Premiered Today by For The Rabbits!

I am very excited that another song – ‘Darling Day’ – from the album is being premiered today by the great team at For The Rabbits. I wrote Darling Day about the unique kind of anxiety that I get in the middle of the night.


For The Rabbits had some kind words about the song:

“Musically, Darling Day is, initially at least, The Magic Lantern at their most stripped back, nodding towards Nick Drake or 100 Acres of Sycamore-era Fionn Regan, as Jamie is largely accompanied by gently finger-picked guitar lines. Across the track’s five-and-a-half minute duration it gradually swells, even as it remains delightfully subtle. Initially woodwind arrive, before drums enter, somewhat louder and straighter than you’d expect and latterly keyboards, saxophones and percussion create a quiet crescendo of sorts, before it fades into echo and reverb. The choice of instrumentation is nothing short of superb.

A songwriter combining the muted honesty of folk with the complexity and intrigue of jazz, ultimately The Magic Lantern’s sound is one based largely on the quality of his songwriting, and on this evidence, that’s never been stronger.”

All love and hope you enjoy it!

J x

On this most autumnal day, I’m really happy to share this live video of my song ‘Masks’ for voice and string quintet from the new album. One of the great joys of the past few years has been working as a vocalist with Phaedra ensemble so it meant a lot to be able arrange a song for them to play on.

Don’t forget tell people you love them x


To The Islands – Pre-Orders and Tour Dates!

I am very excited to announce that pre-orders for my new album ‘To The Islands’ on hand screen printed vinyl / off-set printed CD and crisp ol’ digital are open now and tour dates are on sale now – from here. I can’t wait to take the band on the road and bring this music to you all.
To The Islands – November Tour!

*support from the awesome Rachael Dadd
^ trio

All love and can’t wait to see you out on the road!

Jamie x

Albatross – Live at Abbey Road Studios

Today is a good day. I woke up this morning to hear that Tom Robinson played ‘Albatross’ again on his BBC 6 Music show on Saturday evening and said it was ‘extraordinary’ and then Lauren Laverne played it today on her show and said it was ‘beautiful’. Wind for the sails! Onwards we travel!

So I am super buzzed to share this video of ‘Albatross’ which we recorded live at Abbey Road Studios on a wintry session a few months back – which I have more to tell you about later on, but suffice to it say it was a pretty special experience.

All love
Jamie x