New Single – ‘Lydia’ – March 23!

Thinking Things Through

Happy new year! The beginning of the year can feel a little overwhelming. And while I’m terribly excited about it, every decision to do one thing is a decision not to do something else. Sometimes I just need a moment to sit and think about it all.

So I made a 45 minute playlist of music that I’ve been thinking to while looking out the window. Hope you enjoy it and may it help you think too.

All love, Jamie x



Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

A pretty big year here at TML HQ – finished my third album; made a video for Holding Hands with some total heroes and released it as the first single; played some awesome shows with an amazing group of inspiring musicians; met some great people and made some BIG old plans for next year.

Until then, I found a fire to hunker down next to and I hope you have too – be it literal or metaphorical. Be strong, be safe, be merry. Thanks for all your love and here is mine to you. Jamie xx

Holding Hands – Video out Now

I’m so excited to say the the video for ‘Holding Hands’ is finally available to watch. Starring the incredible Kiwi-born, Parisian-trained and Finnish-based clown Thomas Monckton, we shot it over two very intense days in London and Kent. Directed by my good friend Adam Greves and shot by Adam Lawson – we had so much fun making it and were very moved by the results. Hope you enjoy! x

A film by Adam Greves and Adam Lawson.

Starring Thom Monckton.

Production Assistants: Christopher Grace and Zack Davenport.

Special thanks to Rhia Parker, Paul Sugars, Kings Cross Steelers RFC, Alison Davenport, Oliver Jones, Leila Saleh, Diogenes Saleh-Jones, and Pat and Luke at Green Kit.


Re. #metoo

Re. #metoo I just wanted to send love and solidarity to all my female friends, musical colleagues and loved ones. As a man, I fully recognise that this is a male problem, caused by men, perpetrated and perpetuated by men – the world over and right here. Although it’s 2017, it seems so soul-crushingly common an experience that it is not ok for me or any man to think of this as someone else’s problem. It is our problem. Us and men like us. It is our responsibility to examine and apologise for our own actions, recognise our own flaws, to call our friends out, to behave like allies and to encourage and disseminate what we’ve learnt and are still learning.

Almost all the woman in my life have at some point told me about various forms of sexual harassment, abuse and violence they have suffered and keep on suffering. Sometimes they have been groped while I have been with them – literally stood next to them in crowded bar – and they have told me afterwards. In almost all these cases, their primary concern has been for how I would take it. They didn’t want to tell me at the time in case I got angry and caused a commotion or they were worried about how I would feel, about my pride. Somehow, even in women talking about abuse, it seems men’s feelings are more important.

As a son, a brother and a husband I am ashamed to represent a threat to a woman on the top deck of a bus on her own, or walking down the street late at night. Not because I am, but because in a world where all the woman I know have been abused in one way or another, all men represent a risk.

The ongoing sexual violence against woman feels as ingrained in our social system, defined by a long and ignoble patriarchal history, as the ongoing racism experienced by my friends and colleagues of colour is connected with our legacy of colonialism. Similarly the homophobia, dressed up as freedom of speech, that my gay friends including my brother-in-law and his partner are being treated to in Australia, still pulls on religious prejudice from 2000 years ago to argue against the overwhelming equality of love.

But none of this is inevitable. The future is not determined. We may be creatures of habit, choosing our next step from within a web of a thousand historical, cultural, economic and genetic factors, but change happens. It is real. It is slow. But the march of progress is inevitable. The people united will never be defeated. Let’s be better than this. J x

Thank You!

Last night’s gig Juju’s Bar & Stage was one of the greatest I’ve ever done. A special night. Thank you so much to everyone who came down and made it what it was. Huge love to Spindle Ensemble for their beautiful set, to Oscar Cainer for the sweet sound, to Adam Greves and Adam Lawson for the amazing video, to Dave Boyce for the single artwork, to Chris Hyson, Zac Gvi, Dave Hamblett, Mick Foster and Dave Shulman for the amazing playing, to Chris Sheehan and Karousel Music for all your support and to the ever wonderful Rhia Parker for everything, and to you all for coming and supporting me and my music.

‘Holding Hands’ is officially released on 30 October but you can hear it here via the good folk at PRS for Music Magazine.…/premiere-magic-lantern-hold…/

Love Jamie x

‘Holding Hands’ Premiere via PRS M Magazine

I’m very pleased to say that the you can officially hear ‘Holding Hands’ for the first time via PRS M Magazine. Hear it here:

Premiere: The Magic Lantern – Holding Hands

Holding Hands is officially released on 30 October via Hectic Eclectic Records.

Holding Hands – 5 Songs That Inspired Me

Holding Hands Video!

We just finished shooting the video for ‘Holding Hands’ over a very intense and surreal 36 hours. Can’t wait to share it with you soon! Huge love to Adam Greves, Adam Lawson, the incredible, unique talent of Thomas Monckton, Rhia Parker, Chris, Paul, Zac and Ollie Jones. Killer team!

We’ll be showing it on the big screen before we play at the London single launch on 12 October, so make sure you get your tickets!

New Single – Holding Hands – 30 October!