Smugglers Festival!

Delighted to be bringing the full band back to Smugglers Festival this year! Saturday 1 September 2.15 on the main stage! See you there! x

Lydia – live in the woods..

I went to the woods again, kept warm by a flask of tea, and performed a version of ‘Lydia’ to the bare branches x

Lydia – Beautiful Song of The Week

A really interesting examination of beauty, our relationship to ourselves, and perception. And some beautiful words about ‘Lydia’ from Toronto based blog ‘Beautiful Song of The Week’:

This blog spends a lot of time discussing beauty, but rarely in the context of physical beauty. (I think the closest we got was back in week 248, but that was more of a book recommendation than a meditation on good looks.)

So let’s dive right in.

There’s a strange paradox in the way most people perceive their own physical attractiveness. On the one hand, study after study shows that many of us are at least somewhat unhappy with the way we look. And yes, this may apply equally to men and women. We seem to want just slightly better than we have: ten pounds lighter, teeth just a bit whiter, hair just a bit cooler.

But at the same time, we have a tendency to overestimate our own good looks – regardless of what Dove says. It’s a strange phenomenon known to psychologists as ‘self-enhancement,’ and it leads us to all kinds of inaccurate estimations: we think we’re better drivers than most people, more intelligent than most people, work harder than most people…we overvalue ourselves and undervalue others. Including how good-looking we are.

This contradiction – I’m better-looking than average, but I need to be better – is a bizarre negative loop, where confidence feeds insecurity and happiness is perpetually just out of reach.

So what might a healthier mindset look like?

One of the things I’ve learned in writing this blog is that the more you look for beauty, the easier it is to find, and the more you realize that it comes in many types. “Pretty” is only one type. There’s also quirky, and stark, and moody and powerful. For me, it’s become less about how beautiful a song is, and more about how a song is beautiful.

Is it possible to apply that same idea to self-perception? To recognize that it’s less about how beautiful you are, and more about how you are beautiful?

I don’t know. Part of me thinks that’s a bit too clever to be true. But I’m sure that as far as musical beauty goes, we need the quirky and the stark and the moody and the powerful. So whatever your beautiful is, we probably need it too.

What makes this a beautiful song:

1. Jamie Doe’s voice: calm and confident.

2. The guitar part: delicate and detailed.

3. The video: an elderly man makes some tea, then applies heavy makeup and dresses in drag. It’s not so much a statement about what it means to be beautiful, but more a series of questions about all the assumptions we make with regards to beauty; assumptions about age, gender, cosmetics, sexuality. The drag queen in the video goes by the name Lavinia Co-op, and the video is compelling because of her demeanour during the whole thing- calm, confident, delicate, detailed. In other words, she is beautiful in the same way the song itself is beautiful.

Recommended listening activity:

Picking out a piece of fruit based on what you imagine its personality would be like if it were a person.


Video of ‘Lydia’ is out today via HUH Magazine!

I’m delighted to announce the release of the video for my new single ‘Lydia’ starring legendary drag performer Lavina Co-Op, premiered today by HUH Magazine. I’m so excited to share it with you!

See the video here:

The video was shot and directed by the amazing Adam Greves and Adam Lawson. Special thanks to Lavina Co-op, Lyall Hakaraia, VF Dalston, Brita Young, Gus Robertson, Stephen Tasker, Sye Allen, Cameraworks and Rhia Parker.

Hope you enjoy it and please share if you do!

All love

Jamie x

Listen / Stream / Buy /  ‘Lydia’



‘Lydia’ Premiere & Song of Day at Folk Radio UK

So excited to share the premiere of ‘Lydia’ – available to listen here exclusively via the wonderful team of music lovers at Folk Radio UK who have made it their Song of the Day.

‘Lydia’ is officially out tomorrow!! x

Premiere: The Magic Lantern – Lydia (Song of the Day)

‘A Man & His Dog’ live at Kansas Smitty’s

‘Lydia’ on BBC 6 Music!

Welcome back to the week campers. It’s spring, and yet there’s snow on the ground. It must be good luck right? But if it works like this every time it snows then bring it on – I’m so so delighted that the wonderful Tom Robinson played my new single ‘Lydia’ TWICE this weekend on BBC 6 Music – first on his show on Saturday night and again in the wee hours on the BBC Music Introducing Mixtape last night.

The Tom Robinson Show (4 tracks in)

The BBC Introducing Mixtape (second track)

Thanks Tom! Thanks everyone who heard it and texted me about hearing it. Small steps, always forward!

‘Lydia’ is out this Friday 23 March and you can pre-order from iTunes here:

Holding Hands (solo)

Thank you!

Huge thank you to everyone who came out to Paper Dress Vintage last night. Such a wonderful night, a total pleasure to play and super warm crowd. It was a real pleasure to open for the marvellous PicaPica, their set was incredible – beautiful voices, magic harmonies and super sensitive accompaniment. Take note of the name, it’ll be up in lights very soon trust me. xxx

Thanks to Adam Greves for the photo!

Abbey Road today…

Such a blast to record at the legendary Abbey Road studios today as part of Help Musicians UK’s ‘Music Minds Matter’ campaign together with Monks Road Records and York St John University. One tick off the bucket list…