Better Once Than Never

7 years, give or take, is the time it takes for the human body to regenerate all of its cells (apart from the cartilage/teeth). It’s also the time it took to bring the music on this EP to you, the listener. Why it took the time it did is a long story, one entangled in the bonds of friendship that gave life to this journey in the first place. The dreams and ambitions of November 2013 gave way bit by bit to the present realities. Music was lost. As time passed and each of us grew we no longer felt some of the convictions we once did. What might have been a full length record, with original contributions from all members of the band, was cut down to the 3 tracks you hear on this EP. 

“Better Once Than Never” is a telling of our collective voyage into the unknown, a story with two endings, one where all is gained, the other all lost. “Les Travailles de Swindler” is a ballad in pidgin French with a pungent bouquet of Bohemian decadence, a homage to the esprit libre of the heady days when we got to know each other. “Harvest Moon” speaks of love, loss and the inescapable allure of human relations.

More than anything else, this little collaboration is a document of the friendship we had, how it’s changed and evolved and it’s power to endure. I hope you enjoy the music x