2013 here we come! New Record & Radio Show!

Well here we are, 11 days into the new year and already the world has turned upside down, resolutions have been broken, dry months have become wet months, new songs written, houses moved out of, friendships renewed, milestones carved…

If the rest of the year is as eventful as the first week then it promises to be a crazy, unpredictable time. So, with what foresight and planning i can muster, i’ve booked the dates to start recording the second album which is very exciting, I’ve just finished another song which i think will round the record out nicely. I don’t really want to say too much more about the record at this stage because i’m convinced that if i say too much i’ll jinx it and it will never get made!

In other news, i am very pleased to announce that i have joined the Sam Lee and Ceri Wade to co-present and produce the Nest Collective on Resonance 104.4FM. The show is every tuesday lunch time at 12-1 and we are planning a whole host of exciting things on the show including live sessions, features and interviews. We will also be looking into podcasting and other ways to make the show more available if you aren’t able to hear it at the time. I will be posting the track listings here so you can see what we’ve been playing!

Finally, after a lovely first gig of the year last tuesday at Woodburner run by the ever amazing Theo Bard, i’m very very excited about playing a special, colloborative gig with the mighty Fly Agaric this coming thursday at the Vortex. This is going to the their second launch party for their debut record ‘In Search of Soma’. Ever since i first got my hands on a copy its been one of the most incredible albums i’ve listened too and between the four of them, they are some of my biggest musical heros, so its going to be a pleasure and an honour, not just to support them, but to have them playing my music as well. Hope you can make it, click here for all the details. ┬áHope you can make it!

big love

J x